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Dr. Arif Hussain

A message from the former President

Dear Friends,

As the world faces the formidable challenges of COVID-19 in an unprecedented manner in the recent history, we at WINFOCUS recognize that our organization also has a very definite global role to play.
While we are engaged in caring for the sick patients infected with this strain of Coronavirus in different countries individually we are also sharing our experiences collectively.
Ultrasound, especially at the point of care is proving to be an extremely valuable tool and although the hard data are still lacking, those who are utilizing this modality are already reporting how it could help triage patients in the overburdened healthcare systems, aid in diagnosis and management of critically ill patients.
The training provided by WINFOCUS through courses and workshops using an integrated multi-organ system approach and leading the world in the development and training in lung ultrasound for almost two decades are proving to be most appropriate and fruitful in this hour of global crisis.

WINFOCUS has also been engaged in several telemedicine (teleultrasound) and humanitarian projects in several countries over the years and we hope that those efforts will be useful for the humanity at this time. We intend to remain focused on them and continue to intensify them as our resources permit.
What is unique in dealing with COVID-19 is that we have been sharing an incredible amount of very valuable information in almost real time manner on the internet.
In the coming days and weeks we will also share our experiences and learning resources on our website relevant to the challenges we are facing on a daily basis.
We will also try to provide as much hands-on training at all levels as it is logistically possible and appropriate in the clinical settings, in addition to teaching and maintaining the best infection control practices. We wish you all and your loved ones good health. Your personal safety is extremely important.
Let us stay connected and supportive to each other, that is the hallmark of our organization.


Dr. Arif Hussain
WINFOCUS President

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