16th Winfocus
World Congress
Porto 15.10

World Interactive Network Focused on Critical Ultrasound (WINFOCUS) is pleased to announce that the 16th WINFOCUS World Congress will be held in Oporto, Portugal from October 15-18, 2020.
Our meeting offers a number of point of care ultrasound courses on emergency and critical care in different specialties, which have been highly successful and popular to prepare practitioners to meet the growing need of ultrasound knowledge and skills in their specialties through didactic and ‘hands on’ training sessions.
This year we are adding a number of new courses to meet the growing demands of ultrasound training in many specialties.
In addition, speakers in our plenary sessions will bring in exciting new information on innovative techniques and technologies, teaching methodologies and research.
The manufacturers of ultrasound devices have produced new probes, smart machines, ultracompact units, and many new self-learning and teaching adjuncts to the conventional machines.

You will be able to try them out in the exhibits section and even order them for yourselves or your institutions.
There will be an exciting and informative session on technology and artificial intelligence during the meeting.
Many local and regional societies will collaborate in this event to support this educational activity for many specialties in medicine.

The 16th WINFOCUS World Congress will be a global gathering of practitioners from many specialties in medicine, educators, students, nurses, doctors in training, researchers, innovators, who have embraced ultrasound as an integral part of their daily practice.
This meeting offers a great inter specialty interaction and tremendous learning opportunities. Oporto has many cultural, social and entertainment opportunities for the whole family, thus, it could be a great vacation as well in the most pleasant month of the year.
We look forward to seeing you all in Oporto in October, 2020.

For any further information please contact us!

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