The World Leading
Scientific Network
for Ultrasound

Mission & Vision

The World Interactive Network Focused On Critical UltraSound (WINFOCUS) is the world leader scientific network committed to develop Point-of-Care Ultrasound practice, research, education, technology, and networking, addressing the needs of patients, institutions, services, and communities living in out-of-hospital and in-hospital critical scenarios.

Our Goals
  • To identify critical scenarios where ultrasound, when implemented and incorporated into point-of-care, represents a critical added value to improve management, performance and outcomes.
  • To identify ultrasound “point-of-care” applications within extra-hospital and in-hospital scenarios, consistent with prevention, triage, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of the critical patient.
  • To identify the technical, clinical, organizational, and social competencies necessary for effective incorporation and diffusion of “point-of-care” ultrasound into critical scenarios, the methodology, technology, and instrumentation necessary for its implementation, and the feasibility, sustainability, and accuracy of the identified technologies.
  • To evaluate and compare the experiences of different investigators through networking actions.
  • To develop research projects and conferences;
    To promote quality assured training programs, incorporating them, where appropriate, into school and university curricula.

Our Worldwide Network

A message from the president

Photo Gabriele Vita

Gabriele Via, MD, EDIC
Winfocus President

Dear colleagues, WINFOCUS members and friends,

In these persistently challenging times for our souls and minds, I bring you my warmest greetings and my wish that you are all staying safe and well.

I am extremely honoured and humbled having been chosen to serve the World Interactive Network Focused On Critical UltraSound as President. I admittedly feel a great responsibility in trying to be up to the standards set by all those who preceded me in office; but I am relieved at the thought of the outstanding professional and human qualities of the colleagues and friends who surround me in the challenge of guiding our association towards new milestones.

In these first months of my office, I devoted much time and effort in taking stock of the current state of our association and in talking personally to many WINFOCUS affiliates and contact persons across the globe. As a younger physician and PoCUS practitioner I vividly remember how I had the privilege to see WINFOCUS come to birth and then grow in achievements, reach and reputation over the past 15 years. How astounding it is to look back and realise the present magnitude of its network, the relevance of the scientific and educational goals that have been reached so far, and the drive that it has represented globally for the spread of PoCUS into clinical practice!

We are witnessing an ever-growing perception of the need for a widespread implementation of PoCUS in healthcare, also as a result of the events of the last two years. The demand for PoCUS training and education across multiple specialties has become rampant and pressing. That’s why our association has just entered a thrilling phase of reorganization and renovation, so that we can coordinate our global community at best and tackle the challenges that await us.

A series of Committees have been created with the aim of promoting and coordinating WINFOCUS multiple educational, scientific, and networking activities. Our website will undergo a substantial upgrade to provide members with many more resources and networking opportunities. A complete renovation of our courses is in the pipeline.

The new WINFOCUS Webinars series will start in a few days. WINFOCUS World Congress 2022 has reached the conclusion of its first planning phase and will be soon announced officially, with a uniquely innovative format and a rich and exciting program. Forging and consolidation of relationships with other scientific organizations, academic institutions and industrial partners are and will be amongst our priorities.

As visible sign of this momentum and change, our societal logo and brand have been re-designed in a modern, stylised fashion, to better embody the essence of WINFOCUS in the present time: the various and diverse contributions of the members of our cross-specialty international PoCUS community (the diversely coloured dots) converge from all over the globe in generating a wave of passionate, high quality, PoCUS education and knowledge-sharing (the ultrasound wave).

The effort that we are putting in this 360-degrees overhaul of our organization is remarkable, and it will welcome the contribution of those of you willing to catch the unique opportunity to be players in this common endeavour. At the beginning of 2022, formal calls for contribution to several specific projects will be made. Stay tuned!

To pursue the goal of disseminating the use of bedside ultrasound wherever and whenever it is pivotal in patient management (the “critical ultrasound” concept), by generously promoting affordable and equitable PoCUS education and clinical implementation: that is the legacy of my predecessors, which I have made my own. As those of you who know me are aware of, I’ll put all my energy, passion, and determination into leading this collective effort. I feel privileged to know that I will be working with such gifted physicians and educators. Your unique skills, knowledge, generosity, and professionalism will be the strength of our mission.

While feeling at your side in the common effort to curb and defeat the pandemic, I wish you the best for the incoming Festivities and for the New Year: may it be peaceful and bring new achievements and enriching encounters.

Board of Directors

Photo Gabriele Vita
Gabriele Via

WINFOCUS President 

Lugano, Switzerland
Cardiac Anesthesia and Intensive Care
Cardiocentro Ticino

  • Intensivist, Anesthesiologist
  • Director, WINFOCUS Cardiac Ultrasound Training Program
Dr. Arif Hussain
Arif Hussain

WINFOCUS Former President

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
King Saud University for Health Sciences

  • Head of Cardiac Critical Care King Abdulaziz Medical City
Dr. Anthony J Dean
Anthony J. Dean

General Secretary

Philadelphia, PA, USA
Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Professor Emeritus of Emergency Medicine and of Emergency Medicine in Radiology
  • Board of Directors PURE (Point-of-care Ultrasound in Resource-limited Environments)
Dr. Ramon Nogué
Ramón Nogué

WINFOCUS Treasurer

Lleida, Spain
Professor of Medicine at University of Lleida

  • President at WINFOCUS Iberia
  • Director of Postgraduate training in Clinical Ultrasound
Carmela Graci

WINFOCUS Board Member Advisor

Milan, Italy
Winfocus Milan ITC Director

  • Ao Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital, Milan (Italy)
Diego Martin Barca

WINFOCUS Board Member

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Profesor at Argentine Biology and Medicine Ultrasound Society (SAUMB)

  • Director of the Emergency Ultrasound SAUMB Program
  • SAUMB Board Member
James Connolly

WINFOCUS Board Member

Newcastle, United Kingdom
Royal Victoria Infirmary
Department of Emergency Medicine

He specialises in ultrasound in emergency care, medical education (surgical skills) and the annual thoracotomy course (PERT).

Photo Dr. Deepak Govil
Deepak Govil

WINFOCUS Delhi ITO Director

Gurgaon, India
Institute of Critical Care & Aneasthesia Medanta

  • Director – Critical Care Medicine
Dra. Laura Hurtado
Dra. Laura Hurtado

WINFOCUS Board Member

Buenos Aires, Argentina

UNCPBA (Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires) School of Medicine  Professor

  • Ultrasound Instructor  : Hospital Municipal “Dr. Hector Cura” -Olavarría – Argentina
  • Ultrasound Instructor : Hospital Municipal “Dr. Angel Pintos” Azul -Argentina
Lawrence A. Melniker

WINFOCUS Board Member

New York City, NY, USA
New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Vice Chief, Quality Management, Dept of Emergency Medicine, New York-Presbyterian Hospital Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Dr. Miguel Montorfano
Miguel Montorfano

WINFOCUS Latin America Coordinator

Rosario, Argentina
Hospital de Emergencias “Dr. Clemente Alvarez”

  • Chair Ultrasound & Vascular Doppler Department.
Dr. Luca Neri
Luca Neri

WINFOCUS Board Member

Dammam, Saudi Arabia 
King Fahad Specialist Hospital

  • EM Consultant
  • Digital Health Consultant
Julina Noor

WINFOCUS Board Member

Shah Alam, Malaysia
Associate Professor Emergency Medicine Universiti Teknologi MARA

President for the Society of Critical Care & Emergency Sonography Malaysia.

Adi Osman

WINFOCUS Malaysia & Indonesia Coordinator

Ipoh ,Perak , Malaysia
Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun
Department of Trauma & Emergency Medicine

  • Senior Consultant Emergency Physician & ED Critical Care
Dr. José Pazeli
José Muniz Pazeli Jr.

WINFOCUS Brazil Coordinator

Estado de Minas Gerais,Brazil
Hospitalar do Estado de Minas Gerais.
Specialist in Intensive Care and Nephrology

  • Coordinator of the CTI of Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Barbacena 

  • Partner-director of the Pró-Renal S/C Ltda.

Philippe Pes
Philippe Pes, MD

WINFOCUS Board Member

Nantes, France
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nantes

Emergency Physician in the prehospital emergency service of universitary hospital of Nantes. Education, Research, Emergency Ultrasound Section coordinator for the west region in France

Gregor Prosen

WINFOCUS Board Member

Maribor, Slovenia
University Clinical Centre
Emergency department

  • Consultant in EM
Tomás Villén

WINFOCUS Board Member

Madrid, Spain
Francisco de Vitoria University

  • Associate Professor.
  • Director of Point of Care Ultrasound Curriculum.
  • Chair of Ultrasound Section of Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine.

Secretariat Team

Davide Neri

General Manager

Cristina Recanses

Marketing and Communication Manager

Quim Fuster

Communication and Digital Strategist