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How we do it: lung ultrasound for patients with CoViD-19/SARS-CoV-2 lung disease

If you have any question related to this topic please type it below and we will try to answer it during the webinar session.

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    Questions received:

    Dr.Luigi Vetrugno

    Can we diagnose COVID-19 interstitial pneumonia with lung ultrasound? If yes, could you please explain how and why?

    Are lung ultrasound useful for the management of a mechanically ventilated patient with COVID-19 interstitial pneumonia? If yes, how can we use it?

    Can we evaluate the grade of COVID-19 interstitial pneumonia with lung ultrasound score in some manner or superior of CT-scan?

    Dr. Enrique Ortiz

    Ciao from Spain. What do you think of lung ultrasound score in covid? you think it can be used for discharge patiens from emergency room?

    Dr. Luis Prera

    In the assesment of covid 19 patients in the ICU, is there a valid way to do a LUS considering that most patients cannot be scanned in the dorsal regions, or when prone in the anterior regions.

    Any findings in LUS and cardiac assesment that directly indicate worsening condition?

    Do we have any evidence in the use of internal carotid flow as a marker of fluid responsiveness?

    Dr. Sergey Filonenko

    How to perform point of care US exam in COVID ICU? Full standard protocol (like BLUE, FAST etc) for every patient or individual focused protocol (as short as possible)?

    Dr. Masa Kontic

    Dear colleagues,I find you well.Can you tell me the information what is the best ultrasound probe for the better resolution?