Our journey in Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) began in 2008 when we established our first contact with the WINFOCUS World. This connection allowed us to communicate our vision of point of care medicine across all regions of our country, with the primary objective of benefiting a maximum number of patients.

Our unwavering focus on providing high-quality training led us to form a distinguished group of professionals with exceptional technical capabilities who integrate PoCUS into their daily medical practice. These dedicated individuals deserve recognition through the prestigious WINFOCUS certification.

By 2022, we successfully trained over 3,000 doctors from various regions of our country.

In addition, we possess extensive expertise in teaching PoCUS during medical graduation, with programs firmly grounded in international guidelines. We believe that ultrasonography should be considered an indispensable skill woven throughout the entire medical curriculum, offering immense potential as a teaching tool.

Our impact reaches far beyond the borders of Brazil. We have conducted courses and delivered lectures in multiple countries across Latin America, North America, Europe, and Western Asia.

The rapid expansion of PoCUS is revolutionizing the field of medical practice, and our mission is to train professionals in the responsible use of this transformative tool to ensure the highest quality of patient care, regardless of their location

Who we are

José Muniz Pazeli Junior

Specialist in Nephrology and Intensive Care Medicine.
Coordinator of WINFOCUS in Brazil..

Faculty of Medicine of Barbacena
Department of Internal Medicine and Ultrasound Point of Care

Ana Luisa Silveira Vieira

Specialist in Nephrology and Master in Health
Point of Care Ultrasound Instructor with WINFOCUS World.

Faculty of Medicine of Barbacena
Department of Ultrasound Point of Care

Anderson Tavares Rodrigues

Specialist in Nephrology and Intensive Care Medicine
Point of Care Ultrasound Instructor certified by WINFOCUS World.

Faculty of Medicine of Barbacena
Medical Clinic Department

Andrea Silva Matos

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Nephrology
Point of Care Ultrasound Instructor, certified by WINFOCUS World.

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Barbacena, MG.
Nephrologist and Technical Director of Pró Renal Nephrology Center.

Larissa Louise Cândida

Nephrologist at the General Hospital of Goiânia.

Hospital de Urgências de Goiânia.
Supervisor of the medical residency program in Nephrology at Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Goiânia.

Pedro Ivo Carmo Campos

Specialist in Internal Medicine.
Point of Care Ultrasound Instructor certified by WINFOCUS World.

Barbacena School of Medicine
Professor of the Point of Care Ultrasound Program of the Faculty of Medicine of
Barbacena, MG

Rafaela Machado Neto

Specialist in Family and Community Medicine

Prefeitura Municipal de Barbacena
Physician on duty at Pró-Renal Nephrology Center, Barbacena, MG

Renan Santiago Faria

Specialist in Cardiology and Clinical Arrhythmia.
POCUS instructor certified by WINFOCUS World.

Irmandade Nossa Senhora da Saúde
Department of Cardiology

Thiago Dias Baumgratz

Especialista em Medicina de Emergência
Instrutor de Ultrassonografia Point of Care certificado pela WINFOCUS World

Paulista State University (UNESP)
Medical Clinic Department

Recent Courses

USLS-BL1P Ultrasound Life Support Basic Level 1
October, 31st: theoretical classes (9 hours)
November, 1st and 2nd: hands on
Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil, Brazil
Course Director: Dr. José Muniz Pazeli Júnior and Dra Ana Luisa Silveira Vieira – Co-director


Courses Completed (2022-2023)


Certificates Issued (2022-2023)


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