FoCUS Cardiac Ultrasound

Hybrid FoCUS BH

Course description

The FoCUS© course is specifically designed for critical care and emergency physicians, anesthesiologists, acute cardiac care clinicians, and healthcare providers in general, dealing with cardiovascular emergencies.
This new, up-to-date edition (2022) is based on a concept of evidence-based ultrasonography and a thorough description of the pathophysiology underpinning the taught sonographic signs and patterns.
A clinical-sonographic integrated approach facilitates appropriate FoCUS implementation into real life clinical scenarios.

The new flipped classroom format entails an e-Course as prerequisite to the workshop.
This content is made available also after the workshop for consolidating FoCUS competencies and skills.
Six hours of hands-on training will be provided during the 1 day workshop, with a guaranteed trainer to trainee ratio of no greater than 1 to 4.

Course content

A 1-day Workshop on Focused Cardiac Ultrasound (FoCUS) that represents in-person component of WINFOCUS FoCUS© Course is based on WINFOCUS’ 15 years of teaching experience around the globe.
The course is targeted at those who are new to cardiac ultrasound, and covers the use of limited Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) in the setting of cardiac arrest, peri-resuscitation and shock, and as a screening tool for the unstable patient in the ICU or any emergency setting.
It might also be of interest to more experienced echocardiographers interested in making the ultrasound investigation of the critically ill patient more effective and ALS-compliant.
Its educational content conforms to the proceedings of the 1st International Consensus Conference on Focused Cardiac UltraSound (Via G, Hussain A, et al. International Evidence-Based Recommendations for Focused Cardiac Ultrasound – J AM SOC ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY 2014).
As additional benefit, It prepares for WINFOCUS FoCUS© International Certification.

Course outline

  • Introduction to the WINFOCUS FoCUS Course
  • FoCUS: Definition, Goals, Targets of the Exam
  • FoCUS: How to scan
  • FoCUS: How to control ultrasound machines
  • FoCUS Signs of Chronic Cardiac Disease
  • FoCUS Signs of LV Systolic Dysfunction
  • FoCUS Signs of RV Systolic Dysfunction
  • FoCUS Assessment of Intravascular Fluid Status
  • FoCUS Signs of Pericardial Effusion and Tamponade
  • FoCUS Signs of Obvious Valvular Pathology, Intracardiac Masses
  • FoCUS in Cardiac Arrest
  • FoCUS in Shock

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