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“Sick kids … how POCUS helps me care for them and save their lives”

Presented Dr. Tanya Solano and moderated by Dr. Laura Hurtado

17th December 10.30am (EST)

WinFocus presents:

“Sick kids … how POCUS helps me care for them and save their lives every day”

17st December 10.30 am (EST TIME)

In critically ill children, as in adults, point-of-care ultrasound can expedite identification of disease, narrow diagnostic uncertainty, guide therapy, evaluate therapeutic effect, and guide invasive procedures.

However, the applications of clinician-performed ultrasound in children may differ from those in adults, as can sonographic techniques and findings.

Dr Solano will present a series of cases where  PoCUS made a critical difference in the management of sick children. She will discuss recent articles that have changed her practice.

Audience participation is encouraged with comments and questions fielded and presented to Dr Solano in real-time during the presentation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade of a renowned pediatric sonologist!”

“If you have any questions you would like addressed on this topic, please submit them to us and we will pass them along to Dr Solano.

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Dra. Tanya Solano


Dr. Tanya Solano
Ontario, Canda
Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and the Point of Care Ultrasound Leader at the division of PEM at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. She joined the division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine after completing her pediatrics residency in Costa Rica and her Pediatric emergency medicine fellowship  as well as her fellowship in PEM Point of care Ultrasound at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.


Dr. Laura Hurtado
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Is a sonologist with more than 25 years of pediatric and teaching experience. She is on the faculty of the ESCS UNCPBA (Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires) School of Medicine.