The goal of the ultrasound visiting scholars program is to make available to WINFOCUS members a variety of opportunities at centers throughout the world for training in point of care ultrasound.
The diversity of the WINFOCUS community is its strength and people can look to this program to become point of care ultrasound experts and leaders or just to gain confidence in their scanning ability.

The WINFOCUS Board of Directors is organizing sites for visiting scholars programs from centers available to host and provide trainings all around the world.
Once a program is approved the survey information will be posted on WINFOCUS website and applicants can find centers that match their needs.

Applicants must be WINFOCUS members in order to apply to the program and they should contact the Secretariat first to have their membership confirmed.

Applicants should email the Secretariat with a list of the centers they are interested in and, once their membership is confirmed, they will be put in touch with the training centers directly to apply to each program individually.
Once the applicant is accepted by the program and the parties agree on a training contract, WINFOCUS Secretariat will administer the financial transactions.

The logistics for housing, flight, etc are the responsibility of the applicant.
WINFOCUS Secretariat can help arrange logistics for an extra fee that can be arranged separately between the applicant and the Secretariat.

WINFOCUS will provide a “certificate of attendance” for each scholar once he or she completes the training program.
This is NOT a competency assessment program as competency assessment is administered by WINFOCUS through the ITU/ITO program.
If a training center is also an ITU/ITO approved center they can provide WINFOCUS competency assessments.

Finally, a post-training survey will be completed by the applicant and posted by WINFOCUS Secretariat on the webpage so future trainees and the training sites themselves can get feedback.

If you are interested in being a host please fill in the form below or write an email secretariat@winfocus.org

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