Pediatric Emergency & Critical Ultrasound Course (PECUS)
Teaching Methodology
Teaching Methodology
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Pediatric Emergency & Critical Ultrasound Course (PECUS)


About this course

Pediatric Emergency & Critical Ultrasound Course (PECUS)

Basic level 1 Provider (PNCUS BL 1P)


This cutting-edge ultrasound course is designed for both the novice sonographer and the clinician seeking to gain additional knowledge and expertise in pediatric-specific applications.

This will be a comprehensive POCUS course, which will cover both the fundamentals of point-of-care ultrasound, and pediatric-specific applications.

The first day Will focus on diagnostic applications: both core point-of-care ultrasound applications and pediatric-specific applications. The second day will largely focus on procedural applications.

Physicians, midlevel providers, resident trainees, and medical students are all welcome.

Pediatric practitioners, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Critical Care, Neonatologists and General Pediatrics ( outpatient and inpatient), Emergency Medicine practitioners with interest in learning pediatric-specific applications of point-of-care ultrasound

Teaching Methodology

Based on the FEEL and FATE clinical-ultrasound protocols. Minimum theoretical exposures and subsequent practice tutoring in healthy models.

The course is held in one/two days and is divided into three parts: Oral Presentations, Interactive Discussion of real Clinical Cases and Hands-On Practice and Mentoring on healthy models.

The trainers are experts in point-of-care ultrasound and have an extensive experience in teaching. They provide participants with a remarkable amount of practical learnings, simulations and interactive cases.

Main Topics

Day 1. Diagnostics-Core applications, pediatric-specfic applications

  • Introduction to Pediatric POCUS
  • Physics, Knobology
  • E-FAST
  • Focused Cardiac
  • Lung Ultrasound ( Pneumothorax, pleural effusions, pneumonias, interstitial syndromes)
  • Pediatric Abdomen I ( Renal/bladder, gailbladder)
  • Pediatric Abdomen II ( Appendicitis, intussusception, pyloric stenosis, bowel obstruction, constipation )
  • Pediatric RUSH Protocol, Case-based Review

Day 2: Procedural pediatric applications

  • Introduction to procedures
  • Vascular Acces
  • Soft Tissue ( celulitis, Abscess, foreign bodies)
  • Musculoskeletal ( fractures, joint effusions)
  • Training/accreditation for Pecus/WINFOCUS, Q&A Session

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    Teaching Methodology
    Teaching Methodology

    Teaching Methodology

    1 reading
    Reading: Collocations for Job Interview
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