More Than Basic Echocardiography (WTMBE)
Teaching Methodology
Teaching Methodology
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More Than Basic Echocardiography (WTMBE)


About this course

More Than Basic Echocardiography

Advanced level 1 Provider (WMTBE)


The WMTBE is aimed for physicians who already practice echocardiography and wish to learn specifically-specific use in the critical patient a both transthoracic (TTE) and transesophageal (TTE) echocardiography in a “hemodynamic fashion”.

The Advanced WMTBE is aimed for physicians tacking care of critically ill with at least some knowledge and experience on focused cardiac ultrasound (critical care, emergency, anesthesiologists, primary care, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, pneumologists) and who have previously participated in the WINFOCUS Basic echocardiography course (WBE).

Teaching Methodology

Based on the FEEL and FATE clinical-ultrasound protocols. Minimum theoretical exposures and subsequent practice tutoring in healthy models.

The course is held in two days and is divided into three parts: Oral Presentations, Interactive Discussion of real Clinical Cases and Hands-On Practice and Mentoring on healthy models.

The trainers are experts in point-of-care ultrasound and have an extensive experience in teaching. They provide participants with a remarkable amount of practical learnings, simulations and interactive cases.

Main Topics

  • Introduction to hemodynamic echocardiography
  • Doppler principles
  • TEE anatomy of the heart and technique
  • Evaluation of left ventricular systolic function
  • Assessment of LV diastolic function
  • Evaluation of the right ventricular systolic function
  • Volume status and volume responsiveness
  • Measurement of cardiac filling pressures
  • Measurement of cardiac output & pulmonary artery pressure
  • Evaluation of septic shock
  • Evaluation of chest traumaEvaluation of complicated AMI
  • Evaluation of tamponade
  • Pulmonary edema: cardiogenic vs non cardiogenic
  • Weaning failure from mechanical ventilation
  • Evaluation of severe acute pulmonary embolism
  • Pulmonary edema: lung ultrasound
  • Evaluation of ARDS
  • Evaluation of severe acute valvular dysfunction
  • Evaluation of complicated AMI

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    Teaching Methodology
    Teaching Methodology

    Teaching Methodology

    1 reading
    Reading: Collocations for Job Interview
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