POCUS Makes The Difference In Children’s Emergency Department.

Sharad Mohite


POCUS is being used in the Adult Emergencies for a while. It’s also being introduced in many of the Children’s Emergencies.

With the help of different Ultrasound cases from Children’s Emergency, Author wants to demonstrate how POCUS makes the difference in the diagnosis of the patients.


1) Patient who was initially thought to have cellulitis of leg. However on POCUS it was noted to have tibial osteomyelitis which dramatically changed the further management.

2) Case of eye injury with blurring: Ultrasound clearly demonstrated vitreous haemorrhage and immediate referral to an ophthalmologist

3) Case of elbow injury: where x-rays done were inconclusive, POCUS elbow showed clear elbow effusion.

4) Thigh trauma with swelling. X rays were normal whereas POCUS showed torn muscle with haematoma.

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