A monster in the red sea

Siti Khadijah Abdul Hamid, Mohammad Zikri Ahmad, Mohd Hashairi Fauzi, Mohd Boniami Yazid, Shaik Farid Abdull Wahab, Mimi Azliha Abu Bakar, Normalinda Yaacob, Adila Hana Mohd Mustamam.


To be able to detect abnormalities quick, painless, safe and can be done repeatedly by using bedside ultrasound. Hence, come up with differentials and managements accordingly.

Bedside ultrasound can be helpful in confirming diagnosis if a patient comes with frank haematuria. It helps in characterisation of renal tumours, cystic lesions and the pelvicalyceal system looking specifically for hydronephrosis and moderately large bladder lesions such as stones or tumours.

Ultrasound also can be useful in the investigation of haematuria in pregnant women and children. It does not have the risk of radiation or contrast reaction. It can be done quick, painless and repeatedly.

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