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USCME Global Initiative
UltraSound Critical Medicine Education
  • Chair: Luca Neri (Milan, Italy)
  • Co-Chairs: Enrico Storti (Milan, Italy), Richard Hoppmann (Atlanta, GA, USA), Tomislav Petrovic (Paris, France), Michael Blaivas (GA, USA), Anthony Dean (PA, USA), Daniel Lichtenstein (Paris, France), Carmela Graci (Milan, Italy)

The 'USCME Global Initiative' is the educational core of the WINFOCUS worldwide development plan, aiming to improve ubiquitously Health Care in 'critical' scenarios through a new 'Visual-enhanced Critical Medicine' approach. 
The overall purpose is to empower 'Global Ultrasound' training, certification, credentialing, and accreditation, developing a worldwide network through new or existing educational providers: Trainers, Centers, Institutions, Universities, Health or Education Ministries.

The programs address medical students, postgraduate physicians, and all the healthcare professionals involved in 'critical' settings' (individually, or as entire departments and institutions), through:
  1. Curriculum-based University Programs
    • UNITED (University Taskforce for Echography and Developments)
  2. Competence-based CME Programs
    • USCMC (UltraSound Critical Management Certification)